vocational panels

Discover what it actually looks like to put your faith in action in your career
by hearing from Christians living out their faith in the workplace.


As an undergraduate, you’re in the midst of pursuing interests and studying subjects that influence and impact the direction of your life. Sometimes the sheer number of opportunities and options can be overwhelming. Choosing a vocational path after college must be explored prayerfully and with great care.


How do faith and work connect in the real world?
Vocational panels offer the opportunity to hear from professionals working in a wide range of fields. Hear about the ways their particular job offers them opportunities and challenges to living out their faith. Find out what it really looks like to be a believer in a particular field. Each vocational panel will consist of three professionals in a particular field. Offering different personal histories and perspectives, panelists will share from their life stories about their successes and challenges pursuing their vocation, career, and their faith. If a panel doesn’t yet list three people, check back soon, as panels will be filling up. Whether you have already chosen a professional direction or are still figuring out what you want to do after college, vocational panels offer a unique window into professional life from a Christian perspective. Come ready with questions as each session will offer an open time of Q and A where you can ask about what it is actually like in the “real world.”


Vocational Panels for Nexus 2016

Arts|  Education| Entrepreneurship| Computer Science & Technology
Finance| Government| Law| Media & Journalism
Medicine| Ministry| Non-Profit & NGOs| Science & Engineering