Resources from Past Conferences

Before there was Nexus, Christian Union convened the
Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action (ILCFA).
Below are some of the highlights of the teaching from these conferences.


In 2014, Nick Nowalk, Christian Union Teaching Fellow, gave a talk at ILCFA entitled "Bearing God's Name In Vain." In this message, Nick digs into Exodus 20 and what that passage means and how to apply it as we seek to live out the Christian life.


In 2014, Baroness Caroline Cox gave a talk at ILCFA entitled "And There Shall Be Saints and Martyrs." She shared stories from Christians on the "front lines" of the faith working and ministering in areas where they face persecution and risk their lives for the sake of the Gospel.


Below are audio highlights from ILCFA 2014. They include lectures and vocational panels.