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Faith leading to, and expressed in, action.

Originally founded by Christian Union under the name “The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action” (ILCFA) in 2005, Nexus: The Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action (or simply Nexus) will be the fifth conference bringing together this select group of future Christian leaders to be inspired and encouraged to make an impact in the world.


Nexus is defined as both “the central and most important point or focus” and “a connection.”
The Nexus Conference  will point attendees to what (or who) is truly most important and central to our faith: namely, Jesus Christ. The conference will inspire attendees to live a life rooted in Christ and lived out for his glory both personally and in their vocation. And finally, by providing opportunities for interpersonal connections and fellowship opportunities, the Nexus Conference will develop a network of wholehearted Christian leaders united together and poised to impact culture and the world in their areas of calling.

Theme of Nexus 2016
The theme of the 2016 conference is simply, “Light.” Jesus is the Light of the World. He declared that his followers, too, would be light as they seek his face and carry forward his mission in the world. The teaching at Nexus 2016 will offer opportunities to wrestle with the ways God may be calling attendees to be light in their current and future spheres of influence.

About Christian Union
Christian Union is the ministry behind Nexus. Founded in 2002, Christian Union was created with the mission of transforming the nation and world by developing bold Christian leaders. Christian Union is focused on raising up Christian leaders in top universities because of their extraordinary influence on our culture and society. By employing high caliber ministry faculty, exceptional curricula, mentoring, leadership coaching, and dynamic conferences and events, Christian Union fosters profound spiritual growth and trains leaders to make a godly impact in their spheres of influence. Learn more about Christian Union by visiting www.christianunion.org.