Conference Overview

Nexus: The Christian Union Congress on Faith and Action 2016
gathered together 400+ undergraduates from select universities
for a weekend of inspiring speakers, thought-provoking vocational panels,
in-depth seminars, and dynamic worship.


The conference took place April 1-3, 2016 at the Omni New Haven Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut,
Nexus 2016 featured several unique and exciting elements:

Plenary sessions
With vibrant worship, challenging teaching from world-renown speakers such as James K. A. Smith and Baroness Caroline Cox,
interviews with vocational leaders, and testimonies from young professionals living out their faith, the four plenary sessions anchor the conference.

Pastors, professors, and thought leaders will expand your knowledge and understanding on issues relevant today including topics
such as forming a Biblical perspective on sexuality, how the power of the Holy Spirit operates today, and evangelism in a pluralistic world.

Vocational Panels
Discover the real-life challenges and opportunities to live and work as a faithful doctor, entrepreneur, teacher, engineer, scientist,
and other vocations from believers in these fields as they share their stories. Ask questions and hear from professionals who are l
iving out their faith in a wide variety of vocations.

Campus Leadership
Even as you consider your long-term vocational calling, God desires for you to follow him here and now on your campus.
On Sunday morning, meet with students across campuses who face similar opportunities and struggles so that you can encourage
and learn from each other. Breakouts offered include sessions geared specifically for athletes, members of fraternities/sororities or
eating clubs, student ministry team leaders, first-year students, and those with a heart for evangelism.

With so many future Christian leaders gathered in one place, it would be a lost opportunity without a formal occasion to gather
and connect face to face. In addition to informal opportunities to meet students over the course of the weekend, a facilitated session
on Friday night means you’ll leave the conference with new friends and lasting connections across campuses.

Christian Union makes prayer a top priority all workings of the organization, and Nexus 2016 is no exception. Nexus features a 24-hour prayer
room and the chance to participate in a continuous prayer chain during the conference. Pray with attendees for the transformation of your
campuses and the world.

Teams from each campus compete in a Bible memorization contest each year called SpokenWord. Students perform Scripture,
“spoken word” style, completely from memory. This year’s finalists will compete at Nexus giving you the chance to support your classmates
and be encouraged by the power of the Word of God.